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[Infographic:] How to Beautifully Stream in Remote Locations

Outdoor events can be beautiful. Sometimes, the more remote, the better. The serenity and seclusion create a peacefulness unforgotten by those present. But what about the people who couldn’t be there? Can they watch the event too?

Absolutely they can. But the question we hear when remote-location events come up is "How can you stream an event without internet?"

The infographic below shows how you can pair BoxCast with Ubiquiti’s Wireless Range Extenders to reliably stream a remote event.  

Infographic: Live Streaming in a Remote Location

To see this technology in action, check out the video below showing how we used it at Alive Music Festival.

(Hint: We had to acquire internet from across a lake, over a mile away. The picture-perfect HD streams never experienced any dropouts.)


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