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How to Reach Your Entire Congregation When You Need to

There are times when you want to deliver a message to your congregation, but you can’t wait until your weekend service.

Natural disasters and other unexpected events in the community present instances when you might not want to wait to communicate with those who need to hear from you now.



For example, many church leaders had a strong desire to talk to their congregants immediately after the horrific shooting at the Orlando nightclub. When horrible events happen, people look to the church for answers. 

Live streaming is the ideal way to reach people nearly immediately. All it takes to deliver your meaningful message is a single camera setup anywhere in the church.


The challenge can be letting your congregants know that you want to address them. However, a little intentionality makes this easier than you think. Moments like these are when a robust social media program for your church is especially crucial. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email, it’s possible to quickly spread the word that an important message is coming.

And the archiving feature on BoxCast means those who don’t catch the live stream in real time can view it later when they are made aware of it or have the time to sit down and process what has happened. 

Don’t save BoxCast for weekend services only; it’s a valuable tool that can be used almost any time to deliver a necessary message.

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Image Credit: Catholic Diocese of Saginaw via Flickr