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Church Engagement

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How to Keep Your Church Relevant in the 21st Century

This post talks about how technology can be harnessed to improve engagement with your church's members. It's the main post in our series on church engagement.

How many times a day do you check your phone?

Though many of us hesitate to admit it, a recent study shows that average users actually check their phone an amazing 110 times a day.  

There’s no hiding it - we live in a mobile society. We've grown accustomed to sending an email and getting a response almost immediately. Social media makes pictures of all of our closest friends – and distant acquaintances – instantaneously accessible in the palms of our hands. And with text messages, we can get quick answers to our pressing questions without having to take time to make a phone call.

What does all of this mean for the church?

Religion Remains Important

Despite this never-ending flow of media messaging and distractions that are so easily available to us, Americans’ self-reports show that the importance of religion hasn’t dropped over the past few decades.

If not a lack of faith in Jesus Christ himself, one must ask “what is the cause of this declining attendance?”

Much of it can be attributed to overbooked calendars and competing priorities. We sign ourselves and our families up for so many overlapping activities that we lose control of much of our days.

We have to keep the church relevant

To stay relevant in this on-demand and fast-paced culture, the modern church must begin to reassess the way it connects with its community and look for innovative solutions.

Instead of seeing technology as a threat that keeps congregants away from the church, what happens when churches begin to take advantage of what technology can offer? What would happen if people could engage and connect with their churches, even when various commitments prevent them from attending in person?

Churches must integrate technology 

Churches who live stream their services are answering these questions. They’re able to reach their congregants wherever they are – on phones, tablets and computers – using technology to strengthen their communities. Many churches actually report an increase in congregation size after beginning to stream their services. Plus, they say that many of their new members find them online before ever visiting in person.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

The Church’s message is just as relevant now as it’s ever been, and as a church leader, you have the opportunity to share it. Wouldn’t it be great if you expand the reach of your ministry to share God’s word? Incorporating a live streaming technology could be the solution your church is looking for.

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