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How to Keep Strong Ties With Your Church Community This Summer

Summer is the season when the grass comes up and church attendance goes down.

Many congregations experience declining attendance during the summer for various reasons: people go on vacation, there are more family activities to compete with, there’s yard work to be done.

While your church should do everything in its power to encourage people to attend services this summer, some decline is inevitable. However, this can be a good opportunity to make the most of live video streaming.

Keep strong ties with your church this summer


The summer absentees aren’t skipping church because they no longer believe or don’t want to belong; it’s usually just a problem with getting to the church because life is busier than ever during the summer months. They still value the church and what it brings to their lives; they still want to feel connected to their church family.

Remind your congregants that they can view your live streamed services from anywhere with an internet connection, including the patio and poolside of their favorite annual vacation spot. Or, if a family is gone all day at some event or activity, they can watch the archived services later at their convenience.

Live streaming services keeps the summer absentees connected with the church, making it more likely that they’ll be back once the weather cools and the kids return to school.


Start reminding people of the streaming resource weeks before school ends and vacations start. Remember, you're not granting permission for people to skip so long as they watch online. There’s much to be gained from joining a physical community that can't be replaced. Still, an invitation to tune into your stream is appropriate as it's obvious that those who can attend should.

During these months, Sunday services aren’t the only things people will miss. Churches also house various committees essential to every community, whether they be for community service, youth group, family counseling, and more.

Make sure that all your committee members don’t fall behind on their responsibilities. Read Why You Should Be Live Video Streaming Every Church Meeting.


Image Source: Marie Lazarevski via Flickr