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Image: Beautifully painted Easter Eggs

Here's How to Ensure That Your Easter Stream is Special

For most churches, Easter services are the most beautiful and important of the year.

We celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the salvation of mankind in the spring—a time when nature renews itself, echoing the message that life has begun anew. It’s as if everything is working together to proclaim God’s glory.

Spirits are high, the sense of community is strong and it’s a wonderful chance to convert “Easter lilies,” those congregants who show up only once a year, into regulars.

But all of this can be lost on members who live stream the services. Yes, they’ll hear the sermon and the hymns, but, if you don’t plan for it, they’ll miss some of what makes Easter worship so special.

Here’s how to make your Easter live stream as glorious as possible:

Image: Beautifully painted Easter Eggs


Know how the Easter celebration will differ from regular weekly services and adjust accordingly.

Will flower arrangements block the usual camera angles? Will there be more people on the stage? Do you need additional cameras to capture everything? Spend some time thinking about the best way to capture everything that will happen.


If music is a big part of your church’s Easter celebration, then make it a big part of the live stream. If the choir is performing before services, broadcast the performance.


Churches typically look their best at Christmas and Easter. If your church goes all out, give your viewers a pre-service tour to show off the flower arrangements and other special touches.   


If your Easter live stream is going to be different than normal in terms of length or content, let your viewing audience know several weeks beforehand so they’re prepared for the extra time.           

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Image Source: Barbara B's Stuff via Flickr