Don’t just read the Bible. Live in it.”

That’s the tagline of Bible VR, a faith-based tech startup that is rendering scenes from the Bible in virtual reality.

The company has filmed an extensive collection of reenacted scenes from the Bible in Israel and Palestine. The idea is to give VR viewers the sense that they are right there along with Moses parting the Red Sea or in the manger at the birth of Christ. The scenes are filmed in such a way that the actors interact with the viewer to make it seem even more realistic.


Photo from Bible VR


The creator, Hollywood veteran Pearry Teo, said he did it to get his son interested in the Bible.

“In today’s day and age, when kids think about going to church and Sunday school and opening the Bible, their eyes start to glaze over,” he said in one interview. “You know what? We can just take all of that stuff out right now. Later, as we get you more interested, as we get in your that brain ‘Bible equals fun,’ then you can start getting deeper into the more specific topics.”


The experience, which launched this summer, requires the Bible VR app and a VR headset, such as Google Cardboard. Teo said it’s only natural to use the latest in entertainment technology to teach Christianity.

"Criticize it all you want, but you’re missing out on a tool that you can use to enhance not only your churchgoers’ experience, but your message that you give to your church audience,” he said.   

The entrepreneur said he plans to do more in the field and added that he thinks he’s doing holy work.

“I don’t know whether you want to call it God speaking to me — I like to think of it as God speaking to me. I can definitely tell you only eight months ago, I would not have seen myself where I am today. I would not even dream about it,” he said.

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Published by Jim Sweeney on August 03, 2016 in Church

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