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The secret to keeping your church relevant

Have you ever taken a step back to evaluate the constantly changing dynamics of media communication?

Just think - in 1948, there were only 102,000 television sets in the United States. Compare that to today’s number of 115.6 million. In 1989, Motorola’s launched the first consumer segment of cell phones. The first iPhone came out in 2007 and we all know how smart phones have transformed our lives. 

Print media, though hardly a thing of the past, has been supplemented heavily with digital media. To complement the upsurge of mobile and social media, video has emerged as one of the most engaging forms of communication to date.

People are catching onto this video phenomenon. In fact, almost all events, ranging from sporting events to political conferences, are recorded. Even so, we’ve found that less than 5% of these recorded events are streamed live.

If a church seeks to connect with its congregation, it only makes sense that the next step in the world of media communication is to stream their services live. Events are happening - streaming them live allows people to reach as broad of an audience as possible.

More and more companies are starting to incorporate live streaming into their communications strategy. Organizations that fail to do so run the risk of losing their clients to competitors. Today, it’s unimaginable that a company wouldn’t have an online presence. Having a website is how you become findable - how you can connect with people looking for you.

In a few years, it will be equally unimaginable that people don’t live stream their content. Our world is only becoming more globalized. As people travel for work and play, they still want to feel connected to meaningful organizations. Streaming live allows your company to do just that - share your moments with those who can’t otherwise be there.

To find out how you can start streaming your services, contact us at (888) 392-2278 or questions@boxcast.com. We’ll get right back to you.