6 BoxCast Features Guaranteed to Make Your Stream Awesome

February 15, 2016

At BoxCast, we spend a lot of our time working to ensure that we provide our customers with the best streaming technology on the market.

It’s why our tech team is constantly sending automatic updates to your BoxCaster. Without asking you to do anything, we do everything we can to make sure your BoxCaster stays on the cutting edge.

Despite our love of automation, there are some BoxCast features that will help you spread your message even more effectively. You’ll find them outlined below so that you can be sure to take full advantage of everything your BoxCaster has to offer.

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[Video]: Wirecast Integration with BoxCast

July 17, 2015

Want to add other camera angles or incorporate overlay graphics into your stream?  

Your BoxCaster integrates beautifully with any production tool, without the hassle of installing drivers or complex configurations. Here's the trick - use the BoxCaster like a second monitor or projector. 

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