The Creative Way Venture for America Conquered Its Growing Pains

September 01, 2016

Growing pains are bound to surface for any business on the rise.

Though they can induce changes that catapult an organization onto its next phase of success, growth can also test its core spirit and even lead to its demise. If not managed properly, alignment, transparency, and identity are all at stake.

To successfully absorb these pains and use them to their advantage, companies must experiment with various solutions, hoping that the path they’ve chosen is the one that works best.

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The True Impact of Saint Ignatius High School's Winning Broadcasting Program

June 02, 2016

“Follow a passion.”

That’s what high school students navigating the complex college admission process are often told by parents, advisors and mentors who insist that pursuing a passion is what will bring them success.

These days, however, students are often so committed to their schoolwork, part-time jobs, and involvement in athletics and the arts that they have minimal time and experience to pursue a dream career.

There is the occasional exception, however. And Brendan Gulick, a 2009 graduate of Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland is quite an exception. 

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How La Salle High School Built a Powerhouse Broadcast Program

March 21, 2016


High school football is a big deal in Ohio. A really big deal.

So when Cincinnati's La Salle Lancers, the reigning Ohio state champs, made it back to the finals in 2015, people were watching.

More than 11,100 people piled into Ohio Stadium in Columbus to watch the Lancers crush the Massillon Perry Panthers 42-0, marking the first time since the 1992-93 season that a division II team won back-to-back titles.

If this were a normal game without certain OHSAA broadcasting regulations, those 11,100 people wouldn’t have been the only ones with their eyes on the game. In recent years, La Salle has expanded the reach of its program by live video streaming its games to alumni, parents, students and fans across the world.

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