Dear municipal clerks,

I admit – just a few months ago, I had no inkling that you would soon steal my heart.

I’ve spent recent months having conversations with you and your fellow clerks, all of whom work tirelessly to improve their local communities. My coworkers now laugh at how much I talk about you and the work that you do. It’s true – I’ve become a bit infatuated. It’s my hope that this letter explains why:


You are the backbone of local government

Without you, nothing would happen. You keep mayors, council members, and city officials on track and above board. You make sure agendas are read before meetings and that the law is followed.

You balance the interests of so many people

The thankless role of coordinating various (often feuding) city officials to make sure they operate as a functioning body falls on your shoulders. If that weren’t enough, you then have to solve  problems for citizens frustrated by the actions (or often inactions) of those officials.

You keep track of everything

You spend hours recording, taking minutes, and ensuring that anyone can access anything that has ever been said in a public meeting. It’s you who takes on modernization projects, preserving decade-old records so that we can learn from them in the future. Many of you must even keep track of the council’s finances.

Most of all, you care that things are done well

You go above and beyond the call of duty because you want a community government that works for the people. You become friends with other clerks around you, share best practices, and make your cities grow better together. You attend educational sessions and earn certifications because you always want to be improving.

In a world where citizen distrust in our government systems is at an all time high, I only wish we had more people like you. In such trying times in the world of politics, thank you for being beacons of democratic ideals for your communities.

Forever yours,
Alex Hilleary

Alex is the Municipality Account Executive at BoxCast, a live video streaming platform that makes it simple and affordable for local governments to be transparent with their constituents. To learn more about streaming with BoxCast, click here. Special thanks to the municipal clerks in the Ohio Municipal Clerks Association, the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association, and the Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders for being so generous with their time.

Published by Alex Hilleary on October 18, 2016 in Municipality

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