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6 Things You Need to Host the Perfect Graduation Ceremony

This post talks about how to create a great graduation event by thinking about dress code, speakers, awards, entertainment, refreshments, and streaming. It's part of our series on live streaming events.

It’s that time of year again: colleges, high schools, junior highs, elementary schools and pre-schools are gearing up for their graduation ceremonies.

These ceremonies, though entirely symbolic, are often included in the list of people’s most important life moments. They celebrate the culmination of tireless work, late nights, some failures, more successes, and individual growth.

That means that as an organizer or a host of a graduation ceremony, there's a lot riding on your shoulders. Below are certain things you should consider to ensure your graduation ceremony is flawless.

1. Dress Code

If there’s a dress code for your event, avoid an embarrassing situation by clearly communicating it to every graduating student. Keep in mind that the weather has a huge affect on attire, so if you’re expecting rain on the day of your outdoor graduation, ensure everyone is well-prepared by using social media or sending an email to communicate the gloomy forecast. 

2. Speakers

Speakers are a very important part of a graduation ceremony. So, it makes sense that there’s a lot of anticipation behind whose words of wisdom will be chosen to share with the graduating class. Make your selection carefully. Keep in mind that most graduations have:

    1. Opening Remarks
    2. Student Speaker
    3. Keynote Speaker
    4. Closing Remarks

Though the keynote is historically the longest speech, the other speakers are just as valuable.

3. Special Awards

Everyone who walks across the stage has a lot to be proud of, but there are always certain students who have especially excelled in their work and extracurriculars. Though the work shouldn’t be motivated by the award, it always feels nice to be recognized for what you do. Select a student whose work embodies what your school stands for and encourage her/him to make a few remarks to the audience.

4. Entertainment

What music will you play throughout the ceremony? Remember that music shouldn’t only be played as students receive their diplomas. Create a playlist to select from while your guests get situated, in between parts of the ceremony, and as your students leave the procession. Hearing one song on repeat won’t make anyone happy and makes you look ill-prepared.

5. Live Video Streaming

Though graduation is a celebration of the hard-working students, it’s also a reflection on a lot of work put in by parents, friends, and extended family members, since many people must make sacrifices for a student to be successful. Sadly, not everyone who played a part in a student’s success will be able to attend the ceremony.

Live video streaming the graduation with BoxCast is a fantastic way for faraway parents and ailing grandparents to share in the festivities. Plus, if you’re forced into overflow seating, simply show the stream in a different room.


6. Refreshments

It’s not all fun and games after the ceremony is over. Will you provide your guests with refreshments? Most people won’t expect anything too hearty, but after sitting through a long graduation, a cookie and some lemonade is always much appreciated.

Graduations are special. Follow the above tips and you’re well on your way to making yours as unforgettable as it can – and should – be.


Final Thoughts + Further Reading

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 Social Sharing Image Source: Derik DeLong via Flickr