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5 Facebook Groups for Church Leaders

This post explores five Facebook groups that will help you develop your own ministry, whether you’re the senior pastor, an A/V professional, or worship leader. It's part of our series on church tech.

Facebook is an incredible tool that helps us connect with family and friends around the globe. Though it’s often home to memes and political discussions, the platform provides users with so much more.

Facebook has wonderful communities of people who share the joys and struggles of ministry and are eager to help one another with common issues and questions. This article presents five Facebook groups that will help you develop your own ministry. Whether you’re the senior pastor, an A/V professional, worship leader, or just a visionary in your church community, there’s something here for you.

 Visual Church Media (18,000+ members)

This group is sponsored by ChurchMotionGraphics.com, which makes and sells motion backgrounds for churches. But the help goes far beyond that niche; the group welcomes questions and shares tips about worship presentation software, stage design, lighting, cameras, streaming, audio mixing, and many other topics.

Church Sound - Media Tech’s (23,000+ members)

This very large group shares tips and best practices relating to sound and visual media in the church. You’ll also find inspiring pictures and videos to help you navigate your own sound and media projects. Just don’t judge them for the errant apostrophe ... Facebook won’t let them change the group name (oops)!

Worship Leaders + (6,000+ members)

This group is a wonderful asset for anyone seeking help in leading the church in corporate worship, whether it be finding and choosing songs for worship, building a team, arranging, rehearsing, and many other aspects. Note that there isn’t a strong focus on technology or gear (for a good church music “gear” group, check out Gear Talk: P&W).

Gurus of Church Tech (2,500+ members)

Here you will find lots of open discussions about church tech topics. Common discussions explore production, lighting, staging, computers, IT issues, and everything in between.

Church-IT (1,000+ members)

If you’re looking for more focused discussions of the common computer and IT issues churches face, this is the place for you. Discussions include websites and website providers, audio & video post-processing, streaming, podcasting, network deployment and management, Wi-Fi, building, installing, and managing computers, and many other topics.

These Facebook groups allow you to collaborate with church leaders worldwide. We hope that in them, you will find kinship, community, and assistance.

Don’t forget that many people who frequent these groups are looking for simple and effective ways to expand their ministries online. If you use BoxCast and love how we’ve partnered with your ministry, we would love if you would voice your support online!


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