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3 Myths About Live Streaming for Associations

Associations are fantastic at staying up to date with the latest technologies to meet their members’ needs. However, when it comes to live streaming their events, they always bring up one of three concerns: attendance, complexity, or cost.

This post address those concerns head-on, aiming to clarify the three most common misconceptions about live streaming when it comes to associations.

Myth #1: Live streaming will keep people from attending events IN-PERSON.

Many association staff members worry that streaming will lower attendance and decrease the potential revenue generated from each event.

The fact of the matter is that a live stream can never replace the experience of actually being there. But for the people who can’t make it in person, watching the event online is the next best option.

Streaming can also function to raise the profile of your event. It allows you to extend your event to a worldwide audience, helping your association stand out as an industry leader.

Your association won’t even have to worry about “abandoned registration fees,” as BoxCast’s ticketing features allows you to earn revenue from all live stream viewers.

Myth #2: Live streaming is too much work.

Many people think that live streaming requires the setup and labor of a large AV team with access to expensive cameras and intricate software.

BoxCast’s simple plug-and-play solution aims to fix that. Now, all you need to stream is a video camera, our BoxCaster, and an internet connection. No AV team required. Of course, if you want a more sophisticated production, you can always incorporate additional equipment.

Myth #3: Live streaming is too expensive.

For most associations, the decision to move forward on a new initiative comes down to cost. Return on investment, both monetarily and with regard to membership value, is the driving force behind the decision to begin streaming.

Live streaming becomes incredibly affordable when you no longer need to pay for labor or expensive equipment. And considering that BoxCast gives you the ability to charge viewers on a pay-per-view basis, many organizations find that their live streams pay for themselves.

At BoxCast, we make streaming simple, reliable, affordable, and monetizable. Want a customized pricing quote for your association? Click below to learn more.

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