We welcome our new colleagues and customers from Sunday Streams

BoxCast CEO & Co-Founder Gordon Daily and Sunday Streams Co-Founder Grant Winker welcome Sunday Streams customers and employees to the BoxCast community.

*Note: All current Sunday Streams customers will keep the same price for at least 12 months.

Acquired Customer FAQs


How does this affect me? Do I need to do something?

In order to continue streaming service, you will need to transition your account over to BoxCast. Please note: Your account will not set up automatically. When your Sunday Streams account is ready for transition, a notice will appear in your Sunday Streams Manager. You must follow all 5 steps of the process to ensure a successful transition.

When can I transition my Sunday Streams account to BoxCast?

Transitions started in late October 2019. When your Sunday Streams account is ready for transition, a notice will appear in your Sunday Streams Manager. We hope to have all Sunday Streams customers transitioned before Easter 2020.

Once I transition my account to BoxCast, will my Sunday Streams account still exist?

No. However, you'll have the chance to import your archived videos to the BoxCast platform during the transition phase. Once you complete transition to BoxCast, you will use the BoxCast Dashboard for all of your live streaming needs.

Can I still stream this week?

Yes. You can continue using Sunday Streams until you complete your transition to BoxCast. If you need Sunday Streams Manager technical support, you can still call 855.278.7326 or submit a support ticket.


Does BoxCast have the same features as Sunday Streams?

BoxCast has many excellent features to offer. Most of the functionality in the Sunday Streams Manager will be supported, however, not all features will be transitioned or available in the same exact way. We encourage you to reach out to your Client Manager to discuss how we can accommodate your individual needs. Furthermore, we encourage you to start a free trial and try out BoxCast for yourself.


Why is BoxCast acquiring Sunday Streams?

The acquisition of Sunday Streams allows BoxCast to continue to fulfill our core purpose to make people part of the experience and further demonstrates that BoxCast is a dominant player in the worship streaming market. We are excited to provide our new customers with a best-in-class live streaming platform that is the easiest to set up and use, the most flexible for a variety of video production workflows, and the most empowering thanks to our knowledgeable customer support team and intuitive Dashboard.

What are the values and benefits of this acquisition to Sunday Streams customers?

Sunday Streams customers will enjoy the benefits of what BoxCast’s thousands of organizations already enjoy today:

Great People

Sunday Streams customers will benefit from working with friendly, knowledgeable members of the BoxCast team. We’re thrilled to welcome Bob, Gerson, and Jeff from Sunday Streams to our team. We are committed to being your live streaming coaches, offering support and education that can make anyone a great broadcaster.

Great Product

Sunday Streams customers will benefit from a better live streaming experience with advanced scheduling, automated streaming, live transcoding, simulcasting to more destinations, Live DVR, and other features. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of BoxCast’s full suite of streaming platform features that are available in our other subscription plans.


What do I do with my rental encoder?

You have two options:

1. Keep using your rental encoder.

2. Ask your Client Manager about your available upgrade options.


Will the price of my plan change?

Once you transition your account over to BoxCast, your Sunday Streams price will remain the same for at least 12 months.

Will I still pay Sunday Streams for my subscription or will I pay BoxCast?

In the near term, you will continue to be charged by Sunday Streams.

When you complete the transition to BoxCast, you will be asked to confirm your payment details. After confirming, you will receive billing statements via email and in the BoxCast Dashboard from BoxCast and your credit card will be charged by BoxCast/Sunday Streams.

I just made a payment to my Sunday Streams subscription, will that go towards my BoxCast subscription?

Yes. Once you transition to BoxCast, you will be credited the unused amount of any payments made during that period.


What happens next?

In the near term, changes will be minimal. Your Sunday Streams price and service does not change. Keep your eye out for the “Try BoxCast Now” notice in the Sunday Streams Manager. We encourage you to give BoxCast a try, see how it works, import your videos, and complete the account transition process. We’ve made it very easy for you to start streaming.

If you are excited to opt-in and try BoxCast as soon as possible, fill out the form below.

I have a question about my account. Who do I contact?

Fill out the short form below and a BoxCast team member will get back to you soon.