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The most reliable way to stream

When you pay for professional live streaming, you need to be sure your video not only looks great, but also reaches your viewers without pesky issues like buffering or artifacts. That’s why we created BoxCast Flow, our patented, super-secure streaming protocol. It’s a smarter way to send your stream data to our cloud, and is baked into our BoxCaster, Spark, Pro, and Broadcaster app to ensure flawless broadcasts — even if your internet connection isn’t perfect. For ultimate peace of mind, you can even customize your latency levels to ensure the highest quality possible with our BoxCast Flow Control feature.

BoxCast Flow Control settings on a laptop

It’s all about connection

Sharing is caring. With BoxCast, you can share streams and connect with your viewers wherever they’re watching. Simulcast to your website, Facebook, YouTube, X (Twitter), and other destinations with the touch of a button.

Live stream simulcasting to Facebook and YouTube live video streaming platform
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Impeccable quality you can count on

Let’s face it: When it comes to live video, looks matter. With high bitrates, frame rates, and resolution up to 1080p, BoxCast delivers the crisp, professional HD picture quality your viewers deserve.

Live stream quality comparison on a laptop

Easy streaming for everyone

BoxCast offers solutions for broadcasters of all levels — whether you’re a first-time streamer or a tech-savvy pro. We take the sting out of streaming, with automated technology and easy-to-use, flexible hardware and software options that work with your setup.

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Stream better + get more with BoxCast

House of Worship

Create impactful broadcasts + rejoice in their success

Stream worship services, meaningfully connect with your congregation, and share your message with the world.

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House of worship leader praying


Create winning broadcasts + score points with your viewers

Capture, stream, and share key plays with fans near and far with our game-changing streaming solution.

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Foot kicking a soccer ball

Local Government

Create resourceful broadcasts + increase transparency

Stay connected to your constituents by live streaming council meetings, community events, and more.

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Government building


Create professional broadcasts + extend your reach

Reliably stream everything from conferences to corporate events and beyond to grow your business.

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Still wondering if you should pay for live streaming?

Both free and paid streaming services have pros and cons, so it really depends on your goals. If you’re looking to build your brand with ad-free, HD video you can share with unlimited viewers, you may want to go with a pro-grade live streaming provider.

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