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[Video]: Wirecast Integration with BoxCast

Want to add other camera angles or incorporate overlay graphics into your stream?  

Your BoxCaster integrates beautifully with any production tool, without the hassle of installing drivers or complex configurations. Here's the trick - use the BoxCaster like a second monitor or projector. 

As requested by you (our loving customers), we made a video explaining how to integrate your BoxCaster with Wirecast, a Telestream product. Check it out, here.


Here's the gist: Use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your BoxCaster. Then on your computer, either set the BoxCaster as a second display (on a PC) or turn off Display Mirroring (on a Mac). In Wirecast, set your External Display Output to Display. VOILA - you are now streaming your Wirecast video via BoxCast. 

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