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How to Bridge the Technology Gap in Live Video Streaming

If you are live video streaming your content, you’ve already shown that reaching your community is important to you. Still, you aren’t reaching everyone you can.

There are members of your church who can’t attend services and aren’t taking advantage of live streaming. In many cases, this is because they simply do not know how.



In a world where technology seems to drive everything, it’s easy to forget that some people lag behind, whether through lack of interest or lack of resources. Chances are you know people who still use flip phones or who don’t use email, let alone texting or social media.

As simple as it is to watch your service online, the prospect can be intimidating to someone who’s never done it before and who is uncomfortable with technology. And chances are, those would-be viewers might not want to admit that they need help.


If you learn of someone who wants to watch the live broadcasts, but can’t because they don’t have a computer or tablet on which to view it, see if you can arrange for another home viewer to invite that person over to watch with them. Or, if the person is unable to travel, a congregant could bring their laptop or tablet to their house so they could watch together.

If the person you have in mind has the technology available to them to view a broadcast, but is uncertain about how to do it, then a simple lesson can solve the problem.

Someone from the church can visit the person and demonstrate how to watch live streams and access archived broadcasts. It’s easy to bookmark the church website and, if necessary, leave printed step-by-step instructions.

As we use technology to further the reach of the church, we must be careful to not leave anyone behind.

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