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5 Steps You Must Take Before Streaming Live

This post addresses five steps to take before each stream to ensure you have a quality broadcast. It's part of our series on how to start live streaming.

When you live stream for the first time, it's important to build a repeatable process to ensure that you deliver the best possible broadcast.

Here's what you should be doing each time you stream:

1. Test Your Internet

The internet is the lifeblood of your stream. It's important to make sure you've got a strong enough connection to stream video. We testing your internet the day before and the day of the stream using this test.

2. Check Your Audio Levels

Audio is half of what makes a live stream.  If you are having audio issues during a stream, they may be caused by:

  • Audio clipping - Your audio clips when your signal is overdriving the BoxCaster's input. Try turning down the level of the audio being sent to the BoxCaster.
  • Slow network connection - You may be experiencing packet loss due to a slow network connection or another networking problem. Go into Advanced Configurations and lower your video bitrate.

3. Secure Cabling and Devices

Tape down any cabling that someone walking by might trip over and kick out. Also, try to keep cameras out of high-foot traffic areas. 

4. Run a Test Stream

Once you have all your equipment set up, I always recommend that you test the stream. If you're new to streaming, in a new environment, or using new equipment, it's important that you set up multiple tests just to be safe. I recommend you test the day of the event as well (15-30 minutes before you go live).

5. Have a Backup Plan

Whenever I'm streaming live, I always have backups for video, audio, and internet. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Here is the full-length Tech Tips video that we made on this topic:



Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Everyone's setup process is different. However, for anyone, the most important step in preparing to live stream is to ensure that your internet connection is fast and stable.