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How to Add Video Markers to Recorded Live Streams

April 27, 2018

This post looks at how to index recorded live streams to mark significant moments in a video. It’s part of our series on BoxCast Features.

At BoxCast, we believe that significant moments that are captured live should be kept and cherished. With that thought in mind, we are constantly making it easier for viewers to find significant moments in an archived video.

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BoxCast Features: Making Live Streaming Easier and Smarter

April 16, 2018

This post covers a few of the features that make the BoxCast platform a powerful and easy way to deliver a live stream with a great viewer experience. It's the main post in our series on BoxCast Features.

BoxCast offers the easiest and most complete streaming solution that fits our customer's needs.

Our product team is constantly working to release features that make live streaming easier and smarter.

Here's a summary of a few of the features that we offer empower broadcasters to create incredible streams for their viewers.

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Live Streaming Spotlight: Andrew College

April 04, 2018

Customer: Andrew College, Cuthbert, GA

What they Stream: School-wide events and eight different sports

Live Streaming Goals: Engaging alumni and the community

The Setup: Single camera into the BoxCaster

Destinations: Website, Facebook Live*, Youtube Live

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Mark Brown, the Facilities Coordinator to the College in Cuthbert, GA about how Andrew College uses BoxCast to stream their school-wide events.

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NAB 2018: The Live Streamer’s Recap

April 03, 2018

The NAB Show is the largest event focused on the intersection of technology, media, and entertainment. This post covers the trends that we saw at the 2018 show. It's part of our series on live streaming conferences.

This year, BoxCast attended the show and learned some new insights into what trends are popular within the industry. This post is your guide to all of the trends related to live streaming and how they are changing the state of the industry.

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