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The Score Bug

Real-time scores for your fans. No work for you.

Who watches a game without the score? With our Scoreboard Adapters, you can now seamlessly connect your real-time data with your broadcast. Your fans will love it.

Key Features

No work for you

Simply connect one of our scoreboard adapters to your scoreboard controller. We'll do the rest. Your score will automatically be integrated into your video stream.

Wireless or Cabled

Both options are great. If the distance between the scoreboard controller and the camera or BoxCaster is over 25 feet, use our Wireless Scoreboard Adapter. If the distance is under 25 feet, we recommend the cabled option.

For more details on which option is right for you, read the scoreboard adapter decision guide (PDF).

Show your school's colors

Showcase your school spirit by selecting your team's colors to include in the score bar. You can choose colors for the opposing team as well.

How does it work?

The scoreboard can update data automatically or manually:



  • Using BoxCast's touch-friendly interface


Wireless Cabled Manual
$300 $50 Included

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