BoxCast Flow

A smarter way to get your video to the cloud when your network isn't perfect.

We know you work hard to make your video production engaging and exciting for viewers. As a valued customer, you trust BoxCast’s revolutionary video platform to deliver flawless experiences to viewers around the globe. But one of the most important factors in ensuring a high-quality live streaming experience – your internet connection – can be a wildcard.

BoxCast has analyzed years of customer streams, spanning a multitude of internet connection types and service providers. Our analysis of common issues and pain points led to the creation of BoxCast Flow – a smarter protocol for sending your stream data to our cloud. Our patent-pending protocol makes your stream more reliable, more secure, and higher quality.


  • Protocol Diversity: some existing media protocols solely use “stream” connections (e.g. RTMP, RTSP), which can lead to buffering and discontinuities when the network is congested. Other “datagram” protocols (e.g. RTP) prevent buffering, but can suffer from visual and audible artifacts when the network is congested. BoxCast Flow utilizes both “stream” and “datagram” transports, taking advantage of what works best in each scenario to ensure your video is delivered to viewers without either buffering or artifacts.
  • Adaptive recovery: when small network issues mean that your video doesn’t arrive in the cloud in a timely fashion, BoxCast Flow adapts to retransmit media data to “fill in the gaps” to ensure you won’t even notice minor network disruptions.
  • Content-aware forward error correction: by sending a bit more data along for the ride, we can actually fill in small gaps without requiring re-transmission. This keeps latency down and prevents artifacts.
  • Obfuscation: your video data is obfuscated in order to:
    • protect it from being decoded by anyone who can observe the network traffic;
    • prevent routers, switches, and traffic shapers from filtering your stream based on a known protocol; and
    • make sure that no one besides you and your BoxCaster can stream video to your broadcast.
  • Link quality adjustment: your internet connection may get better or worse over time. BoxCast Flow automatically adjusts to changing conditions by decreasing your bit rates to ride through rough patches, and increasing your bit rates when things are going well.

This same technology is normally reserved for extremely high-end broadcasters through expensive providers such as Zixi and LiveU, but BoxCast has democratized the improvements so that each and every broadcaster can serve their viewers in high definition subject to real-world networking constraints.

All organizations that utilize a BoxCaster, BoxCaster Pro, or the Broadcaster App for iOS to stream live events receive the benefit of BoxCast Flow's innovative features.

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