BoxCast Releases New and Improved Customer Dashboard

You can now create channels, download videos, clone and search broadcasts, promote streams via social media and view more robust analytics with an enhanced customer dashboard.


Sam Brenner
Director of Marketing

BoxCast, the Cleveland-based live video streaming company, today released an enhanced customer dashboard.

Built into the improved dashboard are a variety of new features, including video downloads, broadcast cloning, broadcast search functionality, customized channels, social promotion and more robust video analytics.

“This change was more than just a facelift; we overhauled the dashboard from the ground-up with a keen eye on the user experience and application architecture,” said BoxCast Software Craftsman Mike Griffith. “With our enhanced platform, we will be able to deliver new features to our customers faster. We’re excited for our customers to log in, take advantage of the new capabilities, and continue to deliver amazing live video experiences to their audiences.”

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About BoxCast

Launched in 2013, BoxCast is a breakthrough streaming platform that makes it easy to deliver live, HD video to anyone, anywhere. It's simple. It's reliable. It's affordable.