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Live Streaming Software

Video Streaming Platform: The Features You Need

Since its founding, customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of BoxCast’s priority list. In our tireless efforts to create the best live video streaming company in the world, we set out to improve the entire BoxCast broadcaster experience.

Enter BoxCast’s new and enhanced broadcaster dashboard.

BoxCast Dashboard

The new dashboard offers BoxCast customers the ability to:

1. Create Channels

Channels allow broadcasters to group events together so that your viewers can watch a series of related videos in one place. It’s like a playlist. Great examples include a church streaming their sermon series or a college wanting to categorize their videos by sport (baseball, basketball, etc).

With the onset of channels, we’re introducing a new way for you to earn revenue or fundraise: the ability to charge admission to your streamed events. For instance, should you create a channel for all your basketball games, you can decide if you want to charge a ticket price per game or a price for your viewers to access to the entire channel.

2. Download Recorded Video

BoxCast has long preached the power of having our customers own their own content. It’s why we don’t brand our video player. Your content should be about YOU connecting with your viewers, not about us.

Now, we’ve made it simple for all customers to download their recorded video streams into an mp4 file. You can do any post-production you want to your video, and with tools like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

3. Promote Streams Via Social Media

Customers can now promote their events directly from the new dashboard itself. With just the click of a button to the right of your video, you can share your events on Facebook and Twitter, send the link in an email, or embed the video directly onto your own website.

Image: New Dashboard Social Buttons

4. Opt to Create Recurring Events

A common customer frustration was the inability to create recurring events. To solve the issue, BoxCast now allows users to “clone” events, automatically matching all event details to those of the “cloned” event, including unique descriptions and metadata.

Broadcasters will have the freedom to make any changes to the new event, including its date. This capability was built to speed up your process of scheduling a set of streams ahead of time, like a team’s entire season or a church’s weekly Sunday sermons.

5. Gain Insight into Increased Video Analytics

With new analytics revealing total, real-time, live, and archived views, it’s easier than ever to gain insight into your viewership.

6. “Search” Broadcasts

In a seemingly simple – but undoubtedly useful – enhancement, BoxCast broadcasters can now search for past or upcoming broadcasts by title.

These changes are simply the first in a series of ongoing feature releases.

With this enhanced platform, we’ll be able to deliver new features to our customers faster than ever before.

If you're a BoxCast customer and want to learn how how easy it is to trim your archived stream on the new player, watch this video.