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Live Streaming Software

[Video:] How to Use the BoxCast Trimming Feature


When an event is streamed live, there’s a lot that’s left up to chance. No one truly knows what will happen during the event itself, in the minutes leading up to it, or in the moments that follow. That’s what makes it so exciting.

To ensure that every moment is captured, most broadcasters will begin their streams minutes before the event is scheduled to start and end the stream a few minutes after the event is scheduled to end.

Whether you’re involved in the broadcasting of sports, church, municipalities, or music venues, this practice often results in a lot of excess content that doesn’t contribute to the recording itself.

The BoxCast trimming feature allows you to trim the beginnings and ends of your archived streams to showcase only the most essential moments of your broadcast.

Check out the video below to learn how our trimming feature works: 


In the words of the great Joey Gladstone, "Cut It Out!"