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7 Tech Companies Your Church Should Know

This post talks about a few of the companies that are helping churches engage and grow using technology. It covers companies helping churches with websites, live streaming, apps, and more. It's the main piece in our series on church tech.

It's been proven that churches that embrace change, including the use of technology in their services, are more likely to thrive and grow.

So, it makes sense that the world of church tech is expanding. Keeping track of all the new technological innovations can be tricky, so we’ve done our best to highlight the biggest movers and shakers. Below are seven church tech companies that have gone above and beyond to help churches in ministry.



1. Truelife

Life is full of difficult questions that we’re not always best equipped to answer on our own.  Knowing that Christian beliefs are often shaped and influenced by factors beyond the church, TrueLife aims to modernize the way people consume Jesus’ gospel, using online video and and other media to bring individuals to faith in Christ.


ShareFaith2. Sharefaith

As our world becomes increasingly digital, Sharefaith works to ensure that the church does, too. Sharefaith has partnered with over 100,000 churches globally to expand their ministry’s outreach. How? With cutting-edge media and technology resources, including websites, mobile apps, online giving, graphics and Sunday school curriculum. Through the use of technology, Sharefaith seeks to magnify Jesus and his Word on a global scale.


BoxCast-Logo_Blue_RGB3. BoxCast

Life is full of meaningful events. But the tough thing is, we can’t always be physically present at all of them. BoxCast does its part to help churches share their ministries beyond their four walls, offering a simple, affordable, and reliable live video streaming solution.

A church can post the video, either live or archived, right on their website, making it easy for more people to hear the Gospel, even when they’re sick, on a business trip, or at home with a sick kid. With such a simple plug-and-play solution, you don’t have to be a technological genius to use it ... or to see how it’s shaking up the church tech world.


The Church App4. The Church App

Powered by Subsplash, a premier software company, The Church App is the frontrunner in building apps for churches. With tons of features designed to help churches engage their congregants more effectively, the clean design of their app has proven to be the easiest to use and most affordable on the market. The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and this company will help you meet your community where they are.


Logos5. LOGOS

LOGOS offers various technological tools to complement your faith, including the world’s top Bible study software, an advanced study Bible, an online community that connects Christians from around the world, and more. LOGOS offers thousands of commentaries on scripture and is a definite way to help you deepen your understanding of your studies and make them more meaningful.

Church Community Builder6. Church Community Builder

Though Church Community Builder is proud of its innovative church management software, they are quick to admit that their deepest passion lies not in software, but in helping your ministry become more effective. CCB understands that communicating with your members can be challenging, especially with more apathetic members, so they’ve created a streamlined way to stay organized. Plus, they offer a coaching system to help you align your people, processes, and software to best run your church.

Church Motion Graphics7. Church Motion Graphics

This company’s innovative motion graphics makes them the creative leader in fresh screen visuals. You’ll be sure to engage your congregation with their modern moving backgrounds, announcement motions and countdown timers. It’s clear that the company understands the role of graphics within the church space and know what’s in style.

The world is changing. And churches that hope to keep their communities engaged must adapt to keep up. This list is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to companies that bring value to the church in the technology space.

We are constantly finding out about new companies that tirelessly work to help the church reach more people. If you think we missed any companies, or if there are any that have blessed your ministry, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.  

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Regardless of how much technology you decide to use in your church, one thing is clear: it's becoming absolutely necessary for a church to have a good website. But knowing what to include on yours can be tricky.

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