How to Start Live Streaming

4 Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Live Video Stream

This post talks about four different ways that you can promote your live streams. It's part of our series on how to start live streaming.

The big day of your event has arrived. You and your team have done everything you can to ensure that the event goes flawlessly. As an added service to your community – both near and far – you’ve decided to live video stream it.

The event goes even better than you had imagined it would, yet upon reviewing your live stream stats, you see that nobody tuned in to watch it. What went wrong?

Chances are, you didn’t properly get the word out: you forgot to market your stream.

Promoting your event will require a bit of planning, but the four tips below show you how easy it can be.

1. Assemble a marketing team

If you’ve never promoted an event before, it can seem like a daunting task. But we have good news! You don’t have to do it alone.

Look for other people in your organization who have a vested interest in helping spread the word. Are you a pastor? Reach out to your volunteers to share the word with their own networks. As an an athletic director or school administrator, look to your alumni board and booster club.

Everyone involved in the event you’re filming will also have networks that they want to share your stream with. Be sure to tell them about your stream ahead of time so that they can tell their faraway family and friends.

2. Use social media to publicize your event

Social media can be a powerful tool to gain exposure for your event. If you haven’t already done so, make a Facebook page for your organization.

Unlike with your personal Facebook profile, you don’t have to be “friends” with the users who “like” your organization’s page. When a user does so, they get notified when you publish something, like an event, on behalf of the organization.

Creating events on Facebook is a great way for the public to find information about your event. Listing dates, times, and locations is really easy, and you can even “invite” people to attend your event, increasing the likely turnout.

Use Facebook to convey more than simple logistics, however. You’ll have the opportunity to fill in the event’s “description.” Be sure to include a backstory of the event - how it came about, why it’s important, etc - to help people understand why they should be there.

When a user RSVPs that they’ll attend your event, Facebook notifies their friends of their decision, increasing the likelihood that their friends will show up as well.

3. Send an email blast

Do you have an email listserv for your organization? Take advantage of it! That list provides you with names of people who have already signed up to receive information from you. And it means that they’re probably interested in your event.

However, keep in mind that many people’s emails are inundated every day. You don’t want to spam your email list. Keep your messages useful and brief, and limit how many you send. And did you know that including an image in the body of your email increases the likelihood that someone will read it?

The subject of your email is equally important as your content. Spend time thinking about a subject line that will cut through the clutter and resonate with your audience.

4. Publicize it in the local newspaper

There are loads of people interested in your event who won’t be able to make it. The local newspaper is a great way to reach them. A week before your event, consider posting an ad or trying to run a story about your event. You’ll garner excitement for your event, and when you share that it will be live streamed for the public, you’ll be sure to increase the amount of eyes on your stream.

Your organization is unique in that you’re streaming your events for your community. Still, people will never find your stream if you don’t tell them about it. While viewership may start small, it’s bound to increase as more people discover the power behind your stream.

Final Thoughts + Further Reading

Now that you know how to successfully promote your stream, check out these 8 ways to improve your broadcasts.

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