New BoxCast Multi-Site Video Player Gives Multi-Site Churches Peace of Mind

New multi-site video player enables remote campuses to seamlessly watch live broadcasts.


Sam Brenner
VP, Marketing

CLEVELAND, OH, July 14, 2016 — BoxCast, the Cleveland-based live streaming company, is launching its Multi-Site Video Player to enable remote church campuses to seamlessly watch live and recorded broadcasts.

“The multi-site church model is becoming increasingly popular. As pastors work hard to share their ministries, we want technology and its reliability to be the last thing on their minds.” says BoxCast Chief Technologist Justin Hartman. “We’ve worked tirelessly to build the best possible video streaming platform for multi-site churches.”

BoxCast’s advanced DVR player buffers the live broadcast locally and shows advanced statistics to ensure a beautiful picture every time.

The application allows for advanced caching and buffering of live and recorded videos. It even includes a detachable remote control and monitor window to pause/rewind/seek, control volume, and playback quality as needed.

The desktop application runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

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About BoxCast

BoxCast is a breakthrough streaming platform that makes it easy to deliver live, HD video and audio to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Launched in 2013, BoxCast is headquartered in Cleveland, OH.