BoxCast partners with PayWithMyBank

BoxCast has partnered with PayWithMyBank to make online video streaming purchases easier. Customers will now have an easy way of paying online with their bank account.

"It's great for BoxCast broadcasters because fans now have a much more elegant way to pay – directly from their online bank account," said BoxCast President Gordon Daily. "Some 88 million Americans either don't have a credit card or try hard to avoid using credit cards. We want to make sure that all of our customers can pay to view their favorite event online."

The BoxCast video-sharing broadcast box allows anyone with a video camera to conveniently stream standard and high definition live video. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, BoxCast has worked with broadcasters across the country to provide television-quality live streams for fans to watch on any computer, tablet or smartphone. For many broadcasts, viewers are charged a ticket price for viewing the stream which brings additional revenue to the broadcasting team.

The PayWithMyBank partnership will help make buying that ticket easier. PayWithMyBank allows consumers to pay directly from their bank account. All they need is their online banking ID and password (which everyone has memorized) and they can pay directly on in seconds. They never have to reach for their checkbook or wallet. And there's no sign-up required.

"We're excited to partner with BoxCast on their innovative service. We think that effortless event broadcasting is made even better when you can pay effortlessly," said Alexandre Gonthier, CEO of PayWithMyBank. "Consumers love us because we allow them to pay with information they have in their head, without getting off their sofa. What's more, they don't need to worry about credit card late fees or finance charges because they pay with money they have in the bank. Merchants love us because we shrink their payment costs and give them access to more U.S. consumers than credit cards or PayPal."

About PayWithMyBank

PayWithMyBank is the low-cost online payment alternative to PayPal & credit cards, available to 100% of U.S. consumers with a bank account. They help businesses grow their profits by shrinking payment costs, while increasing sales through access to more U.S. consumers than PayPal or credit cards. Nonprofits benefit because a bigger percentage of their donation dollars go to funding their cause. Consumers get the benefit of a frictionless payment experience while only spending the money they have in their bank accounts – avoiding credit card finance charges and late fees in the process. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California and privately funded by Balderton Capital, Wellington Partners and TTV Capital.

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