Craig BowlingCraig Bowling

Director of Worship Arts, Conway First Baptist Church

Conway, AR



BoxCast: You started streaming your services with BoxCast a few months ago. Why'd you decide to start? 

Craig Bowling: I'd been searching for a streaming service that met our needs and was competitively priced. Several companies seemed promising and I was having trouble distinguishing one from another. Then I met Kyle, one of your salespeople, at the SALT conference in Nashville and asked what makes BoxCast different. His answer stopped me in my tracks - he said the box was bulletproof! That changed everything. 

BoxCast: When you looked at other streaming providers, what made BoxCast stand out? 

CB: The bulletproof aspect really sparked my interest, but I wasn't going to make a decision based just on that. I contacted some of the bigger streaming companies (you stream, I stream, we all stream for ice cream), but nothing felt right. I decided to give BoxCast a try because of its simplicity. It's a box and an encoder, no software needed. It thinks for you!
As soon as I started, it became clear that BoxCast's customer support is what makes you guys truly stand out. You're entirely available - not just M-F 8-5, either. You've even worked with me on Sunday mornings! Everyone's been so friendly and helpful that even if the product were subpar (which it's not), I would've waited around for it to improve. Luckily, the quality of the stream and the archiving is fantastic! I couldn't be happier. 

BoxCast: How do you use your BoxCaster? 

CB: I use BoxCast to stream our weekly Sunday services. I've also started to stream rehearsals to show my worship team what they look and sound like without the pressures of people being in the room. 

BoxCast: How has your community reacted?

CB: We've been live streaming for the last five years, but I can't say that I was always proud of our stream. We work tirelessly to provide a wonderful experience for our congregants who come to church, but a lot of that wasn't coming across online. We were constant victims of glitches and frozen screens. We wanted to provide streaming to our congregation as a resource, but it was often just a frustrating experience for everyone. Since we switched to BoxCast, I've had people come up to me to say how much they loved watching the service online while they were sick or away on business. It's great to feel proud of what we produce, even as a 100% volunteer production staff. 

BoxCast: Are there any additional features you hope to see in BoxCast's future? 

CB: Hmm, I wouldn't hate to have an audio preamp, maybe with a gain control on the box. But I'm just being picky. 

BoxCast: Anything else you'd like to add? 

CB: I really would just like to thank all of you at BoxCast for providing a fantastic product and customer service that any company should strive for. You guys are great and I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share!