BoxCast - eSchoolView Partnership Will Connect Parents More Than Ever to Their Children

BoxCast - eSchoolView Partnership Will Connect Parents More Than Ever to Their Children

Two Ohio companies are joining forces to give parents a ringside seat to their children's activities by offering the most integrated web-based video experience available.

Columbus-based eSchoolView builds custom-made websites for school systems and educational organizations across the country. BoxCast, a Cleveland company, created a breakthrough technology that makes it easy to deliver live, HD video from anyone with a camera to any device with its unique plug-and- play, pocket-sized BoxCaster.

"This is a natural fit that gives endless opportunity to schools and parents," eSchoolView’s Executive Director Rob O’Leary said. “The partnership gives us a unique way to offer top-rate HD streaming embedded into a client’s site as our preferred service."

Both companies offer secure cloud-based systems. eSchoolView developed a content management system specifically for the education field and BoxCast created its “TV station in a box” to make high- quality video sharing more accessible. Both companies provide storage and archiving with their services.

“By working with eSchoolView, we can bring higher levels of credibility and trust to communities in a truly cost-beneficial way,” BoxCast President Gordon Daily said. “Schools nationwide can bolster relationships and demonstrate leadership by providing information in a manner that embraces the 21st century skills they strive to teach students.”

Video powered by BoxCast is embedded into the client website. Schools using the system will be able to stream HD video in real-time to viewers, meaning parents won't have to wait for the video to buffer, go to YouTube, or watch irrelevant advertisements.

“The landscape has really changed in terms of what parents expect from schools and how they consume the information,” O’Leary said. “The demand for videos, live events, photos and interactive media really points to the cultural shift we are seeing in our industries.”

BoxCast’s innovative streaming technology supports an unlimited number of viewers and automatically adjusts to maintain a video’s quality. Clients are able to manage privacy controls so events are open to the public or made available by invitation.

Districts and organizations that opt to use the service can stream unlimited sporting events, regular Board of Education meetings and additional special events throughout the year.

“We’re providing people with the tools they need to stay connected,” Daily said. “This technology streams picture-perfect video to any phone, tablet or computer.”

“It’s like parents are there even when they can’t be,” O’Leary said.

eSchoolView was created in 2008 and has offices in Arizona and North Carolina. Its revenue growth ranks the company in the top third at 1409 on Inc. Magazine’s current 500|5000 list. Launched in 2013, BoxCast won the NEOSA (now OHTec) “Best of Tech” award in 2014, and has clients in 48 states.