BoxCast video to be a part of PrestoSports PrimeTime

BoxCast video to be a part of PrestoSports PrimeTime

BoxCast, the Cleveland-based live HD video streaming company, and PrestoSports, a Maryland-based sports technology company have announced plans to collaborate on a solution that will enhance the in-game experience for viewers by combining live video and live game statistics. Through this collaboration, BoxCast HD video will be available as part of PrestoSports PrimeTime.

“We’re thrilled to work with PrestoSports to further enhance the in-game experience for its live stats customers,” said BoxCast President Gordon Daily. “We’ve helped a number of PrestoSports college clients add live HD video to their website. This opens up another opportunity for our clients to make sure fans never miss a moment.”

BoxCast offers plug-and-play streaming to broadcasters so their video can be viewed on any device that has Internet access. Options for ticketed, flex and unlimited high definition streams will be available in PrestoSports PrimeTime.

“We’re bringing a bold, fresh look to PrimeTime, and we’re excited to welcome BoxCast as a Preferred PrimeTime Partner for live video,” said PrestoSports CEO Serge Knystautas. “Our new PrimeTime is fully responsive, so whether your fans are on a phone, a tablet, a laptop or they're watching on a TV, everyone will get an experience tailored to that device. We’ve been impressed with BoxCast’s ease of use and revenue opportunities for schools, and we’ll be working through the next few months to integrate BoxCast into this new PrimeTime experience.”

PrimeTime is entering the third generation of the PrestoSports live statistics service. The live statistics viewer allows fans to follow game statistics live, online and in real time. PrimeTime also supports live video with UStream and PrestoSports’ own video service.

ABOUT BOXCAST: BoxCast ( is a Cleveland-based live HD video-streaming company. Its innovative technology connects people and enables them to broadcast live video to anyone, anywhere, any time, on any device - smartphone, computer or tablet. For more information, visit or call 1-888-EZ-BCAST (392-2278).

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