BoxCast Partners with Eyes in the Air

BoxCast Partners with Eyes in the Air

BoxCast and Eyes in the Air have announced a partnership to make video streamed from an elevated tripod available to anyone with an Internet connection. Through this collaboration, Eyes in the Air clients will be able to make their video available for viewing on smart phones, tablets and computers through BoxCast video streaming.

"Sports teams are often searching for ways to get a worthwhile camera angle. Eyes in the Air solves that, and BoxCast makes sending that video around the world possible," said BoxCast President Gordon Daily. "It’s another way to make more video available – easily. We’re excited to team with Eyes in the Air to help teams make more video available to more people."

BoxCast has simplified video streaming so that it requires just a camera, power and an Internet connection to stream standard and high definition video. Getting a good camera angle for outdoor sports, however, is not so simple for those teams without a press box.

"We know that student athletes have friends and family members that can't make it to every game and we love the capabilities that BoxCast offers so that everyone can see the game, even in remote locations," said Eyes in the Air's Frank Podsiadlik. "When you couple that with the camera vantage point that Eyes in the Air provides, the viewer is getting the same quality that they are used to seeing on television. Combined BoxCast and Eyes in the Air give you the viewing experience that sports fans have become accustomed to for the events that the major networks aren't able to provide."

The Eyes in the Air portable tripod extends to just under 20 feet for a bird’s eye view of the action. It weighs just 34 pounds and collapses to 62 inches so it can fit in the average car. The camera may be controlled remotely from the ground and you can see what the camera is seeing via remote monitor. Its universal camera mount allows you to mount any brand of camera, but please contact Eyes in the Air for remote control compatibility.

For more information, email Mike Donlin or Frank Podsiadlik.