BoxCast and Sportzcast Partner On Automated Score and Time Overlays For Live Video Broadcasts

BoxCast and Sportzcast Partner On Automated Score and Time Overlays For Live Video Broadcasts

BoxCast, the Cleveland-based live HD video streaming company, and Sportzcast, a Winter Springs, Fla. provider of automated tools for sports venues, have partnered to offer sports broadcasters automated score and time overlays on live video.

"We're excited to team with Sportzcast to broaden the fan and broadcaster experience to a wider range of scoreboard brands," said BoxCast President Gordon Daily. "Viewers expect this information and we love delivering it to them without expensive tools or adding another body to the on-site team. We've been working with scoreboard manufacturers to bring this data to our video streams, and our partnership with Sportzcast is a natural next step. I can't wait to see where we can take the technology."

BoxCast's BoxCaster and Sportzcast's ScoreBot are plug-and-play, each designed to make high-quality broadcasts smarter through disruptive technology.

To stream live HD video, broadcasters simply plug their video source, the Internet and power into the BoxCaster which captures, compresses and transmits video through BoxCast secure servers, multiplying and reformatting the video to play on any device that has Internet access.

"To grab scoreboard data, the ScoreBot is added to the scoreboard export and connected to the Internet," said Mike Connell, chief technology officer, Sportzcast. "The video and scoreboard information then syncs in the cloud for a television-like viewer experience. Teaming with BoxCast is a real win for us and our customers."

Sportzcast's ScoreBot plugs directly into most major scoreboards. Support is available in most sports for Daktronics, Fair-Play (all except MP-69 protocol), Electro-Mech, Whiteway, Ad Art, Varsity, Sportec, Sportable, All American, Spectrum and OES. Yearly subscriptions and hardware purchases are required to enable Sportzcast overlays.

For more information on BoxCast, contact Vice President of Sports Development Mike Donlin via email at or call 1-888-EZ-BCAST (392-2278). Sportzcast may be reached at or by calling 321-888-3800.

ABOUT BOXCAST BoxCast is a Cleveland-based live HD video-streaming company. Its innovative technology connects people and enables them to broadcast live video to anyone, anywhere, any time, on any device - smart phone, computer or tablet.

ABOUT SPORTZCAST Sportzcast is a Winter Springs, Fla. based provider of automated tools for sports venues. Its products enable simple productions to have the quality of network productions. Automated scoreboard overlays are created in real time and made available for immediate insertion into sporting events.