BoxCast and 1450WXVW: The Sports Buzz to Broadcast High School Football

BoxCast and 1450WXVW: The Sports Buzz to Broadcast High School Football

BoxCast, a Cleveland, OH-based technology company that delivers streaming high-definition video broadcasts, is partnering with 1450WXVW: The Sports Buzz, a radio station based in Jeffersonville, IN, to broadcast Kentuckiana high school football this fall.

Together, the companies will offer sports fans access to live HD streaming of local football games, including video, highlights and to-the-minute score updates.


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"We’re thrilled to partner with BoxCast," said 1450WXVW President Dugan Ryan. "The innovative technology in their plug-and-play solution delivers HD content in a way that is guaranteed to delight fans."

Games will be accessible via a monthly subscription of $9.99 at; highlights from local games will be available without a subscription.

"This partnership means schools in Indiana and Kentucky now have a smarter way to stream HD video without the added burden of high production costs or expensive technology," said Gordon Daily, President, BoxCast. Schools will be provided equipment at no cost that will connect to their cameras, and accessories that help to integrate their scoreboards into the broadcast.

Launched in 2013, BoxCast has developed a plug-and-play broadcast box, simplifying the delivery of HD video content and making it possible for anyone to watch a live event on smart phones, tablets and computers through BoxCast video streaming.

Interested high schools or marketing partners should contact Dugan Ryan by phone at 812-725-1457 or by email at


1450WXVW: The Sports Buzz’s provides sports radio programming for Southern Indiana and the Louisville metro area. MEDIA CONTACT: Matt McCarthy,

BoxCast ( is a Cleveland-based video streaming company dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting the broadcaster/viewer experience. MEDIA CONTACT: Toby Maloney, or 440-666-9705