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Stream Up to 1080p60 2x

Next-Level HD Streaming

When it comes to live streaming, video quality is the number one priority, and nothing enhances your picture quite like a high frame rate. This is especially true when it comes to broadcasting dynamic events where movement happens suddenly and regularly, like a baseball game or boxing match.

Regardless of the context, every one of your viewers is paying attention to whether or not your live video looks good — or if the opposite is true. 1080p60 HD quality ensures you look your best every time.

Graphic depicting the difference between Standard and High Frame Rate streaming
Automated Captioning 2x

Automated Captioning

Broadcast transcription can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. For this reason, we’ve made adding accurate captions in your broadcast as effortless as possible.

As soon as your live stream ends, simply choose to generate automatic captions for all the spoken content from your broadcast. Detailed broadcast captioning will then be made available for your viewers. And if you need closed captioning in real time, our automated live captioning add-on is the perfect solution.

Browser window showing a rebroadcast live stream. A man is welcoming everybody to the event.
Manual Scoreboard Overlay 2x

Live Scoreboard Display

You don’t need a scoreboard to include a beautiful, customized score overlay on your live stream. Our Manual Scoreboard Overlay feature allows you to control and integrate a live score bug into your broadcast from your computer, phone, or tablet with our easy-to-use, multi-sport specific scorekeeper tool. You can even get automated scoreboard overlays when using supported Sportzcast Scorebot models.

Image of a soccer game being played. The scoreboard is displayed on the stream
Geo-Blocking 2x

Advanced Geo-Blocking

Depending on your event or your audience, you may want to restrict your viewership geographically based on ZIP code or latitude/longitude point and radius. We can equip you with the specific functionality to do just that so your live streaming won’t take away from your in-person attendance.

Overall, our Geo-Blocking feature gives you full control of who can see your broadcast depending on where they’re watching.

Browser window showing
Concurrent Broadcasts 2x

Concurrent Broadcasts

Our Experience plan gives your organization the freedom to broadcast two or more events at once, should the need arise. Perhaps you have overlapping events where one begins before the other ends. Account for overlapping events by streaming up to two events simultaneously with the Experience plan.

You can always add more concurrent broadcasts if you need to stream more than two events at the same time.

Two iPads displaying different live streams occurring simultaneously
API Access 2x

API Customization

Access BoxCast’s API and customize your video workflow to meet your specific streaming needs. We’ll also equip your team with the SDKs and developer documentation you require. Our team is on standby to help field any questions your developers might have.

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