Graphic Overlays

Graphic Overlays allow you to add production value and enhance the viewer experience of your broadcast. Add a logo or watermark to the corner of your broadcast or put up the name of a speaker with a lower third's graphic. Upload any PNG image to the overlays editor on BoxCast’s Dashboard then push it to the live broadcast. Graphic Overlays can be a great way to recognize sponsors, promote upcoming activities, or feature basic advertisements. BoxCast’s Graphic Overlays feature allows you to add up to five graphics to the broadcast at once. Upgrade your live stream with BoxCast’s Graphic Overlays.

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Add Production Value

Insert lower-thirds with speakers’ names, social media information or other relevant information.


Brand your Broadcast

Add your organization's logo or watermark to the corner of the live video. 

Display Full-Screen Graphics

Use a full-screen graphic to make announcements, thank sponsors, or cover the action before or at the end of the broadcast

Advertise for Sponsors

Bring on sponsors for your live video and promote them using a full screen or overlayed graphic.


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