Every BoxCast streaming plan has a different collection of features uniquely crafted to fit your organization's needs. Our experts can help identify the perfect package for your organization, but you may browse all available features here.


Live, Ad-Free HD Video Stream with the comfort of knowing that your broadcasts always remain ad-free.
BoxCast Flow Use BoxCast's proprietary streaming protocol for more efficient, reliable streaming (only available with the BoxCaster or Broadcaster app)
Cloud Transcoding (Reduced Bandwidth) Cloud transcoding breaks a stream down into all resolutions in the cloud, reducing the required bandwidth for streaming.
No Viewership or Bandwidth Limits Have as many people watch your broadcasts as you want!
Onboarding Work with a BoxCast Customer Support Analyst to set up your first broadcasts and answer any potential questions.
Support BoxCast Customer Support Analysts are happy to help with any issues via phone, chat, or email.

Streaming Destinations

Facebook Live Stream simultaneously to BoxCast and Facebook Live.
YouTube Stream simultaneously to BoxCast and YouTube.
Periscope Stream simultaneously to BoxCast and Periscope
BoxCast TV Apps Get a branded channel in the BoxCast app for AppleTV and Roku.
RTMP Output Stream to any RTMP destination such as Periscope and Twitch.

Playback Features

Responsive Player Your viewers can always watch broadcasts in full-screen on their phones and tablets.
Adaptive Bitrate Playback Our adaptive bitrate playback means that your broadcasts won't buffer during playback.
Video Quality Stream in up to 1080p, but video quality depends on your plan level.
High Frame Rate Streaming (60 fps) Using either the BoxCaster Pro or an acceptable RTMP device, stream directly to BoxCast up to 1080p60. This feature is available exclusively with the BoxCast Pro Feature Bundle.
Embedded Player Embed your video with or without the BoxCast logo on your site.
Recorded Broadcasts Broadcasts are automatically recorded, but storage time depends on your plan level.
Live DVR Re-watch parts of your live broadcast, even as it's happening in real-time.
Captioning Add captions to your recorded videos.
Documents Upload PDF documents to accompany an embedded broadcast.
Video Indexing Tag & name significant points in a recorded broadcast so that viewers can easily find moments that matter to them.

Live Production

Scoreboard Overlays Overlay live scoreboard graphics onto your broadcasts.
Graphic Overlays Add graphics such as logos, watermarks, lower thirds, full screen overlays or basic advertisements to your broadcasts.
Highlight Clips Clip highlights to quickly capture important moments and share them on social media.

Monetization, Privacy, and Protection

Ticketed Monetization Generate revenue when you choose a ticket price for your online broadcasts.
Flex Ticketing Our flex ticketing allows you to offer free SD video to viewers while charging for HD.
Geolocation Filtering This lets you allow or deny viewers from certain geographic areas as defined by zipcode or point and radius.
Password Protection Protect your broadcasts with a single password.
Host Restrictions With host restrictions, you can limit viewership to certain websites.

Other Features

Enhanced Analytics Shows you detailed data about how your viewers are watching your broadcasts, including info on live, recorded & total viewership, peak viewership, a live viewer engagement graph, geo-analytics & viewership by destination.
Social Sharing Easily share your broadcasts to Twitter and Facebook.
Downloads & Exports Download your broadcasts or export them to YouTube & Vimeo.
Audio Downloads Download an audio version of your recorded broadcasts for use in podcasts or other formats.
Donations Accept donations to your organization (6% processing fee applies)
Multi-Site Player The BoxCast Multi-Site Video Player is your solution to enabling remote campuses to watch your live broadcasts. Our advanced DVR player buffers your live broadcast locally and shows advanced statistics to ensure a beautiful picture every time.
Developer API Integrate BoxCast directly into your own custom software with our robust API.

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