Matt McCarthyMatt McCarthy


BoxCast: partnered with BoxCast in 2013. What attracted you to us? 

Matt McCarthy: Simplicity, reliability and support were the top factors in our decision to choose BoxCast. We have many broadcasters who stream high school events on, and their business is built on a reliable broadcast. Our broadcasters work very hard to make sure they provide a pleasant viewing experience and BoxCast has made it easy for them to do so. 

BoxCast: That's great to hear! When evaluating different streaming providers, what made us stand out?  

MM: We wanted a partner that could help fill a void in our business. BoxCast fills that void, and then some. There are many Content Delivery Networks (CDN) out there - some offer live streaming, but not archived video. Some offer archived video, but are difficult to configure and use. BoxCast was the best choice for us because they offer live streaming, archived video, and don't require any knowledge of live streaming. The BoxCaster does all the work for us! 

BoxCast: Recently, you've been streaming MMA events. How has that been going for you? 

MM: We pride ourselves on bringing unique sports content to our viewers. MMA has brought in a whole new audience to our already-established sports fan base. If I've learned one thing since we began broadcasting MMA, it's that MMA has some of the most loyal and passionate fans of any sport - it shows by the viewership each broadcast receives. 

BoxCast: You've taken some fresh approaches to expanding your audience. How have you done this? 

MM: Another aspect of our business on is podcasting. We host several sports-related podcasts on our site from all over the Midwest. Many of those podcasts have loyal listeners, allowing us to use that listener base and expose them to related live streaming events such as MMA. Also, building relationships with some of the bigger players in local sports has helped distribute each broadcast. 

BoxCast: How have your viewers reacted? 

MM: Viewer reaction has been phenomenal. I mentioned earlier that stream reliability was an important factor when choosing BoxCast, and the viewers appreciate that. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to watch a live event and having to deal with buffering or less-than-ideal stream quality. With our site, viewers know they'll see their grandchild's baseball game or their cousin's state football semi-final without needing to worry about missing any of the action. 

BoxCast: Anything else you'd like to add? 

MM: Of everything I've listed above, I'm most impressed with BoxCast's constant feature releases and updates. The technology they continue to deploy into their BoxCaster tells me they're passionate about their business and that they'll always be a major player in streaming media.