Luke Stillson

Luke Stillson

McDaniel College, Director of Sports Information

Westminster, MD

BoxCast: Why did you decide to start streaming your events with BoxCast?

LS: I had a great relationship with Mike Donlin when he was at PrestoSports, so I knew he was someone who I could trust.  When I looked for a new streaming partner, it was ultimately the ease of use and price point that drew us to BoxCast.

BoxCast: What do you like most about your BoxCaster?

LS: My favorite feature is that I can set up events in advance and not have to worry about my broadcast as game time approaches. I know the BoxCaster will kick on when I need it to, so BoxCast is especially great for events I can’t be at.

BoxCast: How have your viewers reacted?

LS: Every reaction to our streaming efforts has been nothing but positive.

BoxCast: Anything else you'd like to add?

LS: Josh and the customer service department have been great. I love that I get emails if something isn’t quite right. 90 percent of the time, I notice the problem was caused by some sort of stupid thing on my part 30 seconds before I get an email from Josh. Thanks!