Kevin WegmanKevin Wegman

USCAA, Sports Information / Media Relations Administrator  

BoxCast: I love your tagline - "We bring the BIG TIME to small colleges." Could you tell us a bit more about the USCAA?

Kevin Wegman: The United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) is a national organization that exists to provide quality athletic competition on a regional and national level. We focus on smaller institutions and their student-athletes, believing that all athletes and programs deserve the same national opportunities as larger institutions.

BoxCast: So how are you doing?

KW: Well! We've grown a lot in a short period of time. 10 years ago, the USCAA had 42 member institutions and no full-time staff members. We are now an organization of 90 member institutions that have the opportunity to compete in 12 national championships in seven different sports. 

BoxCast: That's impressive. What's your toughest challenge?

KW: Finding ways to get things done efficiently and effectively on a tight budget. I work with a small staff of 3 full-time employees, a part-time graduate assistant and an interns, so it's important to make weekly operations (stat reporting, award nominations, etc.) as easy as possible. Also, in such a saturated media market, it's difficult to get our member institutions the recognition they deserve.

BoxCast: Why BoxCast instead of a competitor?

KW: We chose you for your user-friendly platform. We needed a reliable platform that we could quickly and easily teach interns and volunteers. We first used BoxCast during our Volleyball National Championships - it was a great success!

Even without previous video broadcasting experience, I was able to easily set up all the hardware. Whether we used hardline or Wi-Fi connections, we've had very few connection or quality complaints. Also, the support team is always friendly and available to help. 

BoxCast: Sounds like BoxCast has really helped you achieve your goals. 

KW: When we decided to video broadcast our national championships in-house, one concern was whether we could produce a professional product on a limited budget. BoxCast has allowed us to do exactly that. The BoxCast and PrestoSports partnership ensured we could simply integrate live stats into the video. We were thrilled with the end product. 

BoxCast: Where do you see the USCAA going with broadcasts?

KW: I plan to further enhance the BoxCast broadcasting platform by using BoinxTV or something similar to better brand the USCAA Network, incorporate ESPN-like graphics, etc. In addition to our championship events, I plan on using BoxCast for USCAA Bid Selection Shows.

BoxCast: Would you recommend BoxCast?

KW: Absolutely! I know you're working on enabling the user to create highlights of the video broadcast - I'm excited for when that technology becomes available.