JoeKenistonJoe Keniston

St. Lawrence University, Co-director of Sports Information

BoxCast: How are you using your BoxCaster?

Joe Keniston: We use four BoxCasters to cover over 140 home games, including all of our Division I men's and women's hockey contests. We've also used it at our University's Commencement ceremony and are looking at streaming other events such as Homecoming and our Hall of Fame Induction. Because the unit is incredibly portable, you can be creative and think about broadcasting events you never could before. 

BoxCast: How have viewers reacted? 

JK: Our viewers -- families, alumni, fans and prospective students -- have been OVERWHELMINGLY positive. The competitive pricing that BoxCast offers allows us to stream our games free of charge, giving our coaches a recruiting tool they've never had before. Our alumni and fans always called for HD quality, but equipment prices and staffing limitations (we're not all techy in this industry!) made that unrealistic. BoxCast gave us exactly what viewers wanted and what we needed.

BoxCast: Could you share details on the different sports you stream?

JK: Once our coaches saw the quality of the broadcasts, everyone wanted their games to be streamed! Our original plan included soccer, football, volleyball, hockey, basketball and lacrosse. However, the ease of set-up allowed us to expand into numerous other sports, including some that we'd never been able to tackle before such as track and field, squash, baseball and softball. This year, we're even looking at expanding into swimming and diving, tennis and riding.

BoxCast: Why did you switch to BoxCast?

JK: Our goal was to provide the opportunity for people to watch our games in HD at no charge, while maintaining a reliable and easy-to-use system. After testing the BoxCast unit and seeing the quality of the broadcast and the literal "click-and-go" setup, it made the decision an easy one.

BoxCast: What makes BoxCast stand apart from the competition?

JK: The BoxCast staff seemed to be looking to improve their system from the very first day we spoke. The technical support team made our transaction a smooth one, and our rep (Mike Donlin) even hand-delivered a unit to us when we needed an extra one so we could broadcast all our home games on a busy weekend! Their willingness to go above-and-beyond, along with the built-in scoreboard feature put them a cut above the rest.

BoxCast: What feature would you like to see in BoxCast's future?

JK: The team at BoxCast has been consistently updating their firmware and equipment to make it even more dependable and useful. One feature that could be useful would be a mixer of sorts, allowing for multiple camera options to show different views of the field. The great part is that I can put my trust in them to keep us moving in the right direction!