Chad DeWeerd

Chad DeWeerd

The Family Church

Broadview Heights, OH

BoxCast: Why did you decide to stream with us?

CD: For the past 15 years, we aired a weekly ministry on the radio but never did anything visually. When I came across BoxCast, I was impressed with its simplicity and potential to impact even a small congregation like ours. Until then, I had always thought that live broadcasts were for large churches - with even larger budgets to pay for the necessary equipment and staffing. Not only was BoxCast affordable, but it also worked seamlessly with our existing computer, tripod and camera.

BoxCast: When evaluating different streaming providers, what made us stand out?

CD: When we chose BoxCast, we didn’t even look at the competition. Our impression of your team was all we needed - their interest in helping us expand our local ministry and build the Kingdom of God was evident right from the start.  They even prayed with us for a successful launch and impactful results from our new video ministry. 

BoxCast: Has streaming your services affected attendance?

CD: One of the fears of providing an “online option” for the Church experience is that people will choose to tune in from home instead of joining in person.  We haven’t found this to be true at all.  Though we are constantly teaching, celebrating and experiencing the wonder of “doing life together,” there are still times when people must miss a particular service. We’ve found that when that’s the case, they’re much more inclined to connect with the sermon series, new songs and faith stories when they have the ability to keep up online.

BoxCast: What do you like most about streaming?

CD: Streaming our services has helped us improve our presentation, connect with our congregation, reach out to unchurched family and friends, and even preach the Gospel to the most remote parts of the earth! Our streams also provide a great first-exposure to our church. Many new families are hesitant to attend in person, so watching online settles their fears and lets them consider a personal visit in the future.

BoxCast: How do you see yourself using BoxCast in the future?

CD: As excited as we are about what we are doing with BoxCast, we’ve barely scratched the service. Here are a few ideas for the future:

  • Giving a “Monday Morning Quarterback” presentation to walk through sermon highlights and the action steps to follow

  • Establishing a “Video Sanctuary” to accommodate those who are physically challenged and unable to maneuver our limited-access facilities

  • Archiving songs and videos so kids can familiarize themselves and prepare themselves for Vacation Bible School (VBS)

BoxCast: Anything else you'd like to add?

CD: As you can see, some of our hopes and dreams are far beyond the means of our little fellowship at this time. But our faith is in a God who “makes all things possible.”  Who would have thought two years ago that we’d be streaming online and have a ministry presence wherever there is internet?  Praise the Lord!