Chuck BalsamoChuck Balsamo

Lead Pastor, Destiny Family Center

Stuarts Draft, VI


BoxCast: Why did you decide to start streaming your services? 

Dr. Chuck Balsamo: We've been live streaming our services for 12 years. When we switched to BoxCast last year, we'd been using an outdated windows media system. We value our Internet congregation just as much as those who can attend in person, so finding the best online streaming provider was important to me. With help from our media leaders and other respected churches, I compared the top 25 companies. BoxCast was clearly the best option. 

BoxCast: When you looked at other streaming providers, what made BoxCast stand out? 

CB: BoxCast dominated the competition in simplicity and price for value. I admit I was skeptical that it would work as easily as you promised. Surprisingly, you've de-complicated Internet broadcasting entirely. Our media team loves it! You also stood out because of what we get for our money. You are loaded with features and still priced lower than competitors. You've created a brilliant live streaming solution. 

BoxCast: How do you use your BoxCaster? What do you like most about it? 

CB: It takes about 30 seconds to schedule a BoxCast streaming event. Last year, we scheduled one message series at a time. This year, I'm giving my message calendar to the media team and they'll schedule all services six months in advance. Once the service is scheduled on the dashboard, they only have to focus on sound and video quality. Once the service begins, we're streaming live. No buttons to push! BoxCast is perfectly reliable every time. 

BoxCast: How has your community reacted?

CB: As soon as we made the switch to BoxCast, we saw about 250 people tune in to each service! However, our initial inconsistencies with sound quality lost some viewers. We're now working to improve our own reliability. We've upgraded our sound equipment and retrained our sound team. We also just ordered a video switcher and other hardware. The stats say people are noticing! Our audience is growing again with each week.  

BoxCast: Are there any additional features you hope to see in BoxCast's future? 

CB: Now that we've increased the size of our media team, I'd like if BoxCast could automate the process for uploading content to iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

BoxCast: Anything else you'd like to add? 

CB: You've treated us like VIP's from our very first conversation! Your team's high character has proven to be flawless. Everyone in your company obviously wants us to succeed - not just with live streaming, but with our greater mission. There is synergy in our relationship and I'm greatly encouraged with each interaction. I recommend BoxCast to everyone who is live streaming. May God bless you with a hundred times future success in life and business. Happy 2015!