St. Edward LogoAdam Mendoza

St. Edward High School

Cleveland, OH


 BoxCast: Why did St. Edward start streaming its events? 

Adam Mendoza: We started streaming events back in 2007. Prior to that we were doing football games on the radio but the cost per game became an issue. We felt streaming would help us track how many listeners we had and expand our coverage to alums. Also the reasonable cost of BoxCast was a big factor and made them an attractive solution for us. 

BoxCast: When you looked at other streaming providers, what made BoxCast stand out? 

AM: In addition to price, ease of use. There has been a change in some providers, but BoxCast has consistently been incredibly simple to use.  

BoxCast: How do you use your BoxCaster? What do you like most about it? 

AM: For now, we just use it for sporting events, but there may be a time for expansion of events. What do I like the most? The ease of use and Wi-Fi capability - it gives us incredible portability.  

BoxCast: Are there any additional features you hope to see in BoxCast's future? 

AM: When playoffs take place, we have to only do audio. Currently, I shoot a camera at the scoreboard. In some places I can't set up a camera to shoot the scoreboard, so it'd be nice to have a generic look with a scoreboard for audio-only events.