Welcome to the wonderful world of BoxCast streaming! We’re so glad that you’re taking the initiative to share your events online. This post will highlight the differences between our different streaming plans to help you choose which option is best for you.



We created the Social Plan on the premise that streaming should be accessible for everyone. At just $19.99 per month, the Social Plan is a great way to start sharing your content with an online audience.

The Social Plan utilizes BoxCast’s complete, end-to-end streaming platform to share your content on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other platforms in a crisp 720p resolution. Like all our plans, you can schedule the events ahead of time through our Dashboard or Broadcaster app and stream unlimited minutes to an unlimited amount of viewers.

Note: On the Social Plan, broadcasts are not archived for later viewing. BoxCast customer support is only available through email and chat.


The Basic Plan is a step up from the Social Plan, letting you stream to social media platforms and directly to your website through an embed code. Streaming to your website through an embed code has several benefits, including the fact that the reach of your content isn’t limited to the people who have accounts on those forementioned social platforms. Drive them to your site and you can control the viewer experience.

Basic Plan customers also benefit from the automatic archiving/recording of broadcasts. BoxCast will archive every broadcast for one month so that if any of your viewers were unable to watch the broadcast live, they can tune in when it’s more convenient for them.

The Basic Plan also pairs with additional feature upgrades that may come in packages. Scroll down for a more in-depth explanation of what those are.


The Enhanced Plan is BoxCast’s most popular plan. In addition to everything available in the Basic Plan, the Enhanced Plan offers improved video quality (1080p), live phone support, live agent onboarding, and live DVR functionality.

Live DVR means that even when a broadcast is being watched live, your viewers could pause the stream and review something that already happened. Like the Basic Plan, the Enhanced Plan offers additional feature upgrades that may come in packages. Scroll down for more information. 


If none of the above plans fit your organization’s needs, then let us help you build a Custom plan. In addition to everything included in the Enhanced Plan, Custom Plans offer additional features, including:

  • An embedded player without the BoxCast logo.
  • One year of archived broadcasts.
  • Host restrictions so you can limit viewership to certain websites.
  • The ability to download broadcasts and export them directly to YouTube & Vimeo.
  • Capture highlight clips to build extra hype around your event.
  • AppleTV and Roku channels.
  • Enhanced viewer analytics.
  • Ticketed monetization with flexible revenue sharing arrangements.

We understand that different organizations have different needs, so our Custom Plans are easily molded to fit what’s best for you. 

How will you broadcast?

Once you’ve decided on the plan that provides you with what you’re looking for, you get to choose a primary broadcasting method. How do you intend to get your content online? You have several choices:


BoxCast Broadcaster

This BoxCast iOS app makes it easy to live stream and manage all your broadcasts right from your phone. Broadcaster enables you to take advantage of the BoxCast Platform without buying any additional hardware. Though streaming from your phone instead of a camera may lower the quality of your production, this option is a great way to enter the world of streaming. 



The BoxCaster is a powerful encoder. It can accept video from a wide array of camera and switchers, allowing you to put on as simple or sophisticated a broadcast as you’d like. Once it acquires video, the BoxCaster encodes your video and sends it to the cloud.



BoxCast can acquire your video from any encoder that supports RTMP. 

BoxCast Switcher

BoxCast Switcher

BoxCast Switcher is a mobile production studio. Taking in video from multiple iOS devices, including phones, tablets, and computers, BoxCast Switcher is a great way to set up a multi-angle broadcast without purchasing several cameras or a switcher. You can even add transitions and overlays to create a professional-looking broadcast.

Next Steps

With a better understanding of the various packages, we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our team is always ready and eager to answer any questions. Click the button below to get in touch with one of our team members:

Talk to Sales


Or if you'd like additional information on how to navigate the buying process, download The Buyer's Guide to Live Video Streaming.

Download the Buyer's Guide to Live Video Streaming

Published by Lena Kelly on June 22, 2017 in Streaming, Church, Sports, Municipality

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