Trophies: The Strange Way to Guarantee a Profitable Rivalry

September 24, 2015

Wacky trophies actually mean something. 

College sports rivalries develop for all sorts of reasons: Geography. Winning tradition. Insults exchanged on Twitter.

No matter the genesis, healthy rivalries are worth cultivating.They stir and maintain fan passion, especially among alums, students, corporate sponsors and the season-ticket base.

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Is Your Church Using Social Media the Right Way?

September 19, 2015

Your church might already have a presence on social media, but is it doing enough to attract and engage worshippers? Below are ways to strengthen your ministry through social media.

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Kick like a girl: Div I football player makes history

September 16, 2015

Amid the blur of highlights from Saturday’s collage of college football games, perhaps the biggest news came on a mere “meaningless” extra point in a game that drew just 15,091 fans.  

The kick was sloppy, barely arching over the right side of the crossbar. It wasn’t even a game-winner.

But the kicker made history. All 5-6, 134 pounds of her.

That’s right, her.

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Is $500,000 too much for a high school scoreboard? This school says no.

September 09, 2015

Scoreboard: High school football $500,000, air-conditioning 0

Is there any doubt that high school sports programs are moving toward becoming big businesses like their college brethren? Take a glance at the end zone of the Norcross (Ga.) High School football field.   

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