How Fantasy Football Costs Us $13 Billion Every Year

August 28, 2015

The NFL is unquestionably America’s sports pastime, and fantasy football is how Americans burn time — especially at the office.

Employers, you’ve been warned: The NFL season opener on September 10 means that time suck is all about to rev up again as fantasy football leagues across the continent (and beyond) conduct their annual player drafts. And for the following 17 weeks, participants will continue their chase for cash and bragging rights.

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How To Give Your Player an Edge in the Recruitment Game

August 17, 2015

Nothing determines an athletic program’s long-term success quite like talent evaluation. Not even a Hall of Fame coach can squeeze winning out of a talentless roster.

That means if you have a talented player on your team, scouts are looking for them. But finding the skillset they seek is not always such an easy task. As a coach or AD, you have to help your players get recruited.

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[Interview]: Can Live Video Streaming Stengthen Your Church Community?

August 13, 2015

Deciding whether to incorporate live video streaming into one's ministry is a complex decision that is facing more and more church leaders around the country. Video streaming is a wonderful tool to better engage communities and touch more lives, but determining if it's right for you can be overwhelming.

It can be helpful to hear from other customers when deciding whether to use a service. In this post, Pastor Charles Moore from First Baptist Summit (Summit, OK) explains why he has found BoxCast to be a wonderful solution for his needs and how streaming his services has brought his community closer together than ever before.

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