Meet the Team

Who is BoxCast?

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Gordon Daily
CEO, Co-Founder

Justin Hartman
Chief Technologist, Co-Founder

Ron Hopper
Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Sam Brenner
Chief Operating Officer

Meghan Gonzales
Business Intelligence Manager

Josh Clemence
Videographer & Community Manager

Kathleen Lawson
Marketing Manager

Kevin Cletzer
Visual Designer

Julie Briestensky

Brett Bzdafka
Product Manager

Kyle Nickel
Direct Sales Manager

Joe Kurnick
Account Executive

Mark Cottrill
Account Executive

Dan Spiesz
Account Executive

Brian Lee
VP, Sales & Customer Success

Eddie Bennett
Client Manager

Thomas Nickel
Client Manager

Jeff Sturgeon
Client Manager

Colleen Rumsey
Client Manager

Peter Spaulding
VP, Finance & Admin

Josh Mathus
Senior Support Manager

Wade Clark
Technical Support Specialist

Gary Buchanan
Technical Support Specialist

Bryon Scott
Technical Support Specialist

Gerson Lucena
Technical Support Specialist

Bob Sinclair
Technical Support Specialist

Jim Zeller
Technical Support Specialist

Emily Bzdafka
Business Operations Analyst

Mike Griffith
Engineering Director

Brad Hughes
Chief Strategy Officer

Tom Bubnick
Sr. Digital Product Designer

Camden Fullmer
Mobile Application Developer

Jonny Hall
Principal Product Engineer

Ethan Schweinsberg
Product Engineer

Tony Evangelista
Hardware Manager

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