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Founder's Statement

The story of how a part-time job became a high-tech success.

Gordon Daily


We were moonlighting as web developers when a funeral home director in Cleveland asked us to build a video solution so families who couldn’t attend their loved one’s funeral could participate remotely.

Because his staff was busy tending to the needs of grieving family members and wasn’t looking for more to do, we designed and built an elegant live-streaming HD solution that anyone can use. Realizing we had created something special, we started brainstorming other potential uses.


Our team developed a fully-automated, simple and reliable device that turns any camera into a video-streaming platform. If an organization could just connect its onsite camera with our pocket-sized, plug-and-play box, we could get video to show up on their website. A light bulb went off - we realized we created a TV station-in-a-box.

Building the technology came relatively easily since several of us worked at Rockwell Automation where we built mission-critical automation systems that had no margin for error.

In May 2013, we quit our jobs so we could focus all of our energy on BoxCast. We’ve grown quickly and now capture and stream HD-quality video for hundreds of customers in the sports, church and events spaces.


We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve seen since our launch but we’ve only scratched the surface. Our product is a game-changer. What really excites us is watching our customers leverage our technology in ways we could have never imagined.

I’d love to talk to you about how BoxCast can help you achieve your goals.


Gordon Daily

President, BoxCast