Welcome, New Stream Monkey Colleagues + Customers!


BoxCast CEO & Co-Founder Gordon Daily and Stream Monkey Co-Founders Chris Gerrish & Nicholas Roselius welcome Stream Monkey customers and employees to the BoxCast family




We’re excited to host your broadcasts and help your viewers be part of your streaming experience! In the coming weeks, we’ll be creating a transition plan for Stream Monkey users to migrate to BoxCast, so you’ll gain access to more features, like free HD 1080p60 transcoding, a mobile streaming app, automated live captioning, API integration, and more.


There’s no getting around it — 2020 was a tough year for houses of worship. Many had to shift from simply exploring the benefits of live streaming to relying on it exclusively. From our origins, BoxCast and Stream Monkey have been around to serve churches — it’s in our DNA, and this acquisition is a natural fit in terms of product and company values. We remain committed to our customers in the house of worship space, and are thrilled to continue serving those who serve through 2021 and beyond.


If you’ve hit this page, you now know that Stream Monkey is becoming part of BoxCast. This should be celebrated! Stream Monkey (which is amazing) and BoxCast (also amazing) are joining forces to combine our features and capabilities into the world’s best live streaming platform. 

For now though, your Stream Monkey plan stays the same, your outstanding customer service isn’t changing, and the reliability, interface, speed, and everything else you count on are exactly as they have been. 

Bottom line: Yes, change is happening, but not all at once. And the result is going to be a bigger, better, and badder web platform unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Yes! BoxCast is committed to supporting both Stream Monkey’s platform and customers. BoxCast will provide a transition plan and create opportunities for you to migrate in the future. You'll even get a free trial to make sure BoxCast is a good fit. We're confident you'll love it! If you'd like to be part of the first group to migrate, let us know!

Yes, and more! When it’s time to migrate, we'll match your existing plan and features to what BoxCast has. In most cases, you'll gain access to even more, with features like countdown timers, closed captioning, 1080 transcoding, and auto-scheduled streaming to Facebook and YouTube. BoxCast also has a free mobile app and built-in features for donations and ticketing on all plans.

Nope! BoxCast is committed to honoring the price of your current plan and matching you to a comparable one (Essential, Growth, Experience, or Premium). 

If you feel it's time to upgrade and take advantage of some higher-level features in a plan that costs more, then you’ll just pay the difference based on the price BoxCast has listed. To see and compare the features offered in BoxCast’s streaming plans, check out BoxCast's comparison tool.

It will once you migrate to BoxCast. We recommend you keep using Stream Monkey until you’re notified in the app that you can start a free BoxCast trial and migrate your content. Once you’re satisfied and confirm you want to stay with BoxCast, we’ll transfer your subscription and payments.

Nothing! Celebrate with us and continue using Stream Monkey for all your events! We'll keep you in the loop and let you know when migrations are ready to start. We ask that you DON’T start any free trials at BoxCast just yet. In the coming weeks, we'll provide you with a special trial and custom migration tool in the Stream Monkey platform.

If you're as jazzed as us and want to be a part of the first group to migrate, let us know!

Keep using Stream Monkey and continue to contact Support in your account with live chat or via phone at 1.855.GO.CHIMP from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, or email support@streammonkey.com.

We're not trying to be sneaky! We totally get how that could be perceived, so let's address it up front.

We’re preparing the back-end migrations for everyone, and folks generate a lot of content! Plus, some of you have third-party apps! We want to make sure we can fully commit our time supporting and migrating existing customers to BoxCast.

We recommend current Stream Monkey customers hold off on starting a trial with BoxCast until the option is available to you in the Stream Monkey Platform.

Prospective customers will need to migrate to BoxCast in the future anyway, so we're directing folks to https://www.boxcast.com/try-boxcast so they can start a free, 14-day BoxCast trial. There’s no credit card or commitment required to get started. Give it a whirl if you’re looking for a streaming solution!

Not yet! Stay tuned for more information. We're still in the process of mapping out the details and creating the migration tools that'll make this process easy and seamless. We know you’re excited — if you’re interested in being part of the first group to migrate, let us know!

BoxCast loves them, too! They're officially BoxCast employees now, and will continue to support you and the Stream Monkey platform. Once folks migrate to BoxCast and things wind down on the Stream Monkey platform, they'll continue to build amazing features at BoxCast (and beat everyone at trivia)!


If you'd like to be part of the first group to migrate, let us know.


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